Hopkins Team Takes Second Place in the 2014 Emory Global Health Case Competition!

The Center for Global Health is pleased to announce that a team from Hopkins was awarded second place in the 2014 Emory Global Health Case Competition which was held on March 29th. The International Emory Global Health Case Competition provides an opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students from multiple universities and disciplines to come together to learn about and formulate recommendations for 21st century global health problems. This year student teams spent an intensive weekend developing organizational strategies for the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure it successfully meets emerging 21st century health challenges.  This is the second time a Hopkins team competed at Emory and the second time a Hopkins team gained a winning spot.

Meet the Team:

Daniel Carnegie

Daniel Carnegie,  Bloomberg School of Public Health/Carey Business School, Masters in Public Health/Master of Business Administration (interdepartmental), Graduate

In addition to being an MPH/MBA student, Daniel  is a post-doctoral research fellow in the Department of Surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital and has done a lot of work in surgical outcomes and interventions, globally. Daniel has participated in medical mission trips in low-income countries such as Haiti.  Daniel has had previous experience in bond market trading at Merrill Lynch and municipal derivatives marketing and trading at Bank of America. Daniel is a graduate of the Howard University School of Medicine and the University of Georgia.

Jacob Cox

Jacob Cox, School of Medicine, Graduate

Jacob is a first-year medical student who recently completed a master's degree in Neglected Tropical Diseases from the University of Cambridge. His research focused on the biochemical basis behind developing a potential immunotherapy to treat African sleeping sickness. Jacob has worked in Cameroon and in India. Jacob is also a graduate of the Virginia Military Academy.

Abby Dowling

Abby Dowling, School of Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing / Master of Science in Nursing, Graduate

Abby is nursing student who was a recent fellow in the Global Health Corps (GHC) fellowship program. Before entering nursing school, Abby worked at a federally qualified health center that served as the medical home for recently resettled refugees. Abby currently participates in the Research Honors program and am currently assisting with research on an intervention to reduce HIV transmission among women experiencing intimate partner violence in the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

Hayley Droppert

Hayley Droppert, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Masters of Public Health (Health Systems and Policy), Graduate

Hayley is an MPH student with an undergraduate degree in International Relations and Community Health from Tufts University. Hayley also served as Peace Corps volunteer working in Burkina Faso as a Community Health Worker. Hayley has participated in global health programming and research in several capacities including an internship with MalariaNoMore's programming department launching their Senegal SurroundSound mosquito net campaign, field research with PATH's Dakar office working on meningitis vaccine development, and research on family planning for Physicians for Human Rights' health program. Currently, Hayley is working as a study coder on a team meta-analysis of HIV/AIDS interventions in low and middle income countries called "The Evidence Project".

David Lee

David Lee, School of Medicine, M.D. Graduate

David is a first-year medical student at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine with an undergraduate degree in Health and Human Rights/Public Health and Policy from the New York University. In 2012, David received a Fulbright Research Grant to carry out a health systems research project in Honduras performing quantitative analyses on how government sponsored health literacy programs and community health workers affected the behaviors of patients in regards to cardiovascular disease in the primary care sector. He worked at the NYU Center for Health and Human Rights and interned with an health policy think tank named Conciencia in Buenos Aires.

Arielle Slam

Arielle Slam, Bloomberg School of Public Health/Carey Business School, Masters in Public Health/Master of Business Administration (interdepartmental), Graduate

Arielle is a MPH/MBA student and has an undergraduate degree in Mass Communications and International Relations from Boston University. Arielle previously worked as a public health consultant for John Snow/JSI Research & Training where she did research on and identify low-cost evidence based solutions for a wide range of business, health, and technical problems. Arielle also served as a Global Health Fellow Intern for USAID where she developed strategies for introducing and scaling global health products in developing countries. She spent her 2014 winter break conducting  field work for an anti-sex trafficking organization in Nepal.

Meet the Coach:

Anbrasi Edward

Anbrasi M. Edward, PhD, is the coach for the 2014 Hopkins Case Competition Team. She is an Associate Scientist in the Health Systems Division of the Department of International Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Dr. Edward’s research interests are in Quality Management, Health System Evaluation, Integrated Management of Childhood Illness, Primary Health Care, and Child survival and has been engaged in health systems research in East and Southern Africa and Asia. She has worked extensively in Afghanistan for the past several years. For the past 12 years she has been a co-instructor for several management courses at the school.  Dr. Edward has worked with students and communities from diverse religious and ethnic cultures during her travels in over 22 countries.


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