Global Health Day 2020

Each year, as a part of the international community, the Center for Global Health celebrates Global Health Day by sharing and informing global health knowledge, expertise and experiences with the Johns Hopkins, local, and international communities. While we were unable to gather in-person for Global Health Day 2020 due to social distancing restrictions, the Center for Global Health and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health MPH Program are happy to present a virtual edition of our signature event. Below you will find a virtual student poster gallery and the winners of the Global Health Day Poster Competition, winners of the Global Health Faculty Advising Awards, and the results of the J.B. Grant Society Global Health Photography Competition. 


Global Health Day Poster Competition

Every year, students who have participated in the Center for Global Health grant programs have the opportunity to create a poster to highlight their global health experiences. A poster competition is held and faculty members judge the posters to select their favorites. 

Congratulations to the contest winners:

1st place: Janice Allotey: "Incorporating Environmental Justice Considerations in Siting Municipal Solid Waste Recovery Facilities: A Case Study of the Accra Waste Recovery Park"

2nd place: Kasey Kinzel: "Estimating the cost of illness for typhoid fever in Nepal: A sub-study of the Typhoid Vaccine Acceleration Consortium (TyVAC)"

3rd place: Anika Jain: "The Immunization Impact on Cognition Outcomes and School Monitoring Outcomes Study (I-COSMOS)"

Honorable mention:

Please see all poster submissions in our online poster gallery

Global Health Faculty Advising Award Winners

Every year, we ask students to nominate faculty members to be recognized for their outstanding mentorship during a global learning experience. Students have the opportunity to nominate their advisors for the Global Health Faculty Advising Award, which seeks to recognize and honor that support, guidance, and mentorship through providing awards to those exceptional Hopkins faculty mentors. 

Congratulations and thank you to the 2020 Faculty Advising Award Winners: 

Dr. Shannon Doocy, Associate Professor, Department of International Health, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

"Dr. Doocy was a pillar of support for myself and my partner in preparation for, during, and after our field experience in Bogota, Colombia. She supported me through the grant application process and was, and continues to be, available for mentoring whenever I need her. She went above and beyond while we were in Colombia for the field experience. Dr. Doocy was with us in Bogota, but made sure to step back and push us to gain skills and take the lead on our own to have a truly valuable experience. Dr. Doocy has always been an inspirational mentor who consistently provides me with guidance. To put it simply, I could not have asked for a better advisor, and I feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to work alongside her."

Dr. Becky Lynn Genberg, Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

"Becky is an inspiration. Not only is she a skilled researcher and epidemiologist, she is a thoughtful mentor, a collaborative partner, and a constant source of positive and moral support. She is always available to answer questions and provide insight, but she will gladly let you spread your wings and take on new challenges. She was also the calm in the storm for every experience, whether it be personal or academic. I couldn't imagine a better advisor to support the goals and dreams of students and researchers at any point in their journey and in any place in the world."

Dr. Alain Labrique, Professor, Department of International Health, Department of Epidemiology, Department of Health Policy and Management, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health; Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, 
Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

"Dr. Labrique is a great person with a straightforward, down-to-earth personality, and is at the same time very helpful. Dr. Labrique’s  authority, networking,  digital health expertise and epidemiological knowledge helped propel this project forward. He was always willing to help me amass resources and was generous with his own resources to help me achieve my aspirations.  He also encouraged me to propose creative ideas, helping me to find success on this project


J.B. Grant Society Global Health Photography Competition

The Center for Global Health hosts the Global Health Photography Competition as a part of our annual Global Health Day event. This competition is co-sponsored by the J.B. Grant Society. All Johns Hopkins University students, trainees, staff, and faculty are eligible to submit photos from a global health experience within the past 5 years.

Congratulations to the winners:

1st Place
 Sudip Bhandari; Student at JHSPH

Inequality (India, 2019)

2nd Place
Matthew Morrison; Student at JHSPH

Community Mobile Health Clinic in San Miguel de Allende (Mexico, 2019)

3rd Place
Hyewon Lee;  Student at JHSPH

Showing ultrasound images of my baby to rural Kenyan girls (Kenya, 2019)


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