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Important notice

We've been alerted to some issues with faculty 1. not receiving application submission confirmation emails or 2. not receiving confirmations if submitting multiple sites.If you do not receive a confirmation email within 15 minutes of submission, please try a different internet browser. If you are not directed to a 'thank you page' there may be errors in the application. Please scroll down and double check.

If you are submitting multiple site applications, please allow 5-10 minutes between submissions. If issues persist, please contact Thank you for your patience as we resolve this.

GHEFP Faculty Mentors are expected to:

  1. Ensure project funding is in place prior to submitting the application to host a site.
  2. Ensure you and your students agree upon your mutual understanding of their work and expectations.
  3. Provide additional support (financial or in-kind) to help students afford their experience. Stipends are permitted, hourly pay is not.
  4. Ensure your in-country partners agree to have a Hopkins student on-site, and if appropriate, supervised by them.
  5. Help students plan their travel that meets the six week minimum and find appropriate & affordable accommodation.
  6. Connect students with in-country partners prior to departure and make sure they seem to be working together.
  7. Check in with students regularly if not on site during their placement.
  8. Contact the Center for Global Health with any issues prior to or during the placement.
  9. Upon the student's return schedule a feedback session to reflect on the placement, their experience and your mentorship relationship.

With your submission of this application, you acknowledge and commit to the above nine GHEFP faculty expectations. Upon submission you will be directed to a thank you page. If you are not immediately directed to a thank you page, check for errors and resubmit!

Funds will only be provided for a second student if that student is an undergraduate. Two graduates cannot be funded for 1 project.

Please list the main funding sources for this research or intervention.

This must be a low-to middle-income country. If your project is a part of a multi-country study and you are not yet sure where the student will be placed, please list the possible countries.

Must be longer than 6 weeks

These are an approximation only and should be in the format MM/DD/YYYY - MM/DD/YYYY.

Do not include the cost of things you plan to provide.

You can select more than one.


Please provide a description of the project/program here.

Please provide detail on the work or activities students will complete.

Contact Information (will be shared with applicants)

This should be the information for the Hopkins faculty who will be interviewing candidates and overseeing the internship. You should expect contact from interested applicants. Please try to answer their questions but do not conduct interviews at this stage.

Local Collaborator (will not be shared with applicants)

Please provide the contact information for the local supervisor who will serve as the student's in-country mentor. As Hopkins faculty members often cannot be in-country for the full duration of the student's placement, a local collaborator will play a large role in the student's GHEFP.

Please enter the word you see in the image below:

If you are not immediately directed to a thank you page AND do not receive a confirmation email, your submission was NOT received. Please review the page for any error notifications. Please allow 5-10 minutes between submissions if submitting multiple site applications!

If you have questions regarding this application or if you do not receive an email confirmation of your submission within 15 minutes, please contact: the Student Program Coordinator| | 410-502-3733. Once you click submit, you should be direct to a thank you page. If this does not occur then check your application for errors before re-submitting. Your application has not been successfully submitted until the thank you page appears.


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